Friday, August 19, 2005

Gentleman's Club called me in to work yesterday. I didn't really want to go in, but I went in at 10:30. I was so nervous to dance. I did not want to go up. I was ready to run out of the club, and never show my face there again. But there were some nice men there, and they convinced me to go up. And they were all so nice. Virgin no more. And after a few sets, I wasn't nervous abouyt getting Her First Big Cock anymore. I let the DJ pick the music for me. But it was so much fun. I did an extra set at the end while the other girls did private dances. And at the very end, the DJ put on Delirium: Silence with Sarah McLaughlan. And I love that song so much, I just couldn't resist going up and dancing. And by the end I was so into it. I didn't give a fuck about the people watching me and the BackSeatBangers. I was so into the music doing my thing. Turning myself on. Shaking my ass in front of these drunk old men, who wanted to take me out to breakfast for steak and eggs. They were so drunk. As far as they are concerned my name is Zoe, and I have a boyfriend and do not date costumers. Yes... that is what I have decided. They told me I was the prettiest girl in the place, which I'm sure they said to all the girls, but whatever, it made feel good anyway. And they said I was off the hook. I let them touch me in places they weren't allowed to, and I was very lose with the line for being topless. No one said anything to me, and some of the other girls didn't follow it exactly either, so it's all good.